The Fault In Our Lives

Yes, you guessed it. I’ve read John Green’s The Fault In Our Stars. But this post is not about that. It’s not about our stars.

This is about us.

I don’t know about you, but I think everything is majorly flawed. Everyone is flawed, too. To be honest, we’re all a very faulty bunch. Full of imperfections, our shortcoming always weighing down heavier than our redeeming qualities.

We are wanderers. That’s who we are.

That, my friends, is the biggest fault in our lives. The desire to always keep going even when the road’s going to end in a dead-end, this stupid idea of slogging on forever until we reach our destination, which is supposed to make us happy.

But happiness is not a destination. It’s a mood. Feeling happy is like feeling tired or hungry; it comes and goes. You can’t expect it to be permanent, because it’s not. It will never be. Happiness is a condition. Don’t expect it to be an object that you can attain and keep with yourself forever, or a place that you can travel to and stay in.

That’s the fault in our lives. Nothing is fixed. Nothing is permanent.

We are here now, but we might not be there tomorrow.

It’s either now, or it’s never.



2 thoughts on “The Fault In Our Lives

  1. I agree that happiness is not a destination, but I don’t think it’s so out of one’s control. It’s not a destination but a path, and it’s a path that you have the ability to choose to walk down.

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