Hey, y’all! How’s it going? 😀

Yes, I’m here, and yes, I’m happy. For a change. 😛

So, after my revelation in my last post about how I think too much, I have really been working on straightening my ways. It’s not easy work, sure, because hello? I’ve been like this for eighteen and a half years. Granted, few of them were spent trying to learn to speak, walk and eat my food on my own, but that’s not the point. It’s always difficult to break a pattern and form a new one.

But I’m trying, aren’t I? So, please. Brownie points for Snigdha! 😀

Also, I’ve started to actually listen to others.

You know, since the last two days, I’ve been pretty angry at a lot of people (including  myself), for no apparent reason. We were all considering college prospects, and when I can’t make a decision, I get mad. Which, let’s be honest, wasn’t working out too well for me.

So, in the end, I made a choice. And now, I’m happy.

Honestly, it was that easy. I just told my mother that I didn’t like the college she was looking into, and she understood.

This made me realize another thing about myself: I underestimate other people. As ashamed as I am to admit this, I do know this is also a part of the person I am. I really need to understand that not everyone is out to get me, and that even when it doesn’t seem all that likely, people can, and most definitely will, surprise you.

Keep you eyes open.

Oh-kay! Time for me to go.

You guys, be happy and stay awesome.

It’s now or never, right? 😉

I’ll see y’all later!


Snigdha ❤


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