My Bloody Valentine: A Broken-hearted Badass Special

Hey, you guys, what’s up? 😀

I’m not sure how I ended up doing a cooking post here on my blog, because let me tell you, I’m familiar with cooking only and only on a need-to-know basis. But yesterday, I’d been craving chocolate beyond expression, and since my mother is not that big a fan of chocolate, I’m usually left to my own devices when I want to eat it.

Therefore, I decided I wanted to make brownies. But then these things happened: 1) I realized I don’t have a baking tray, 2) I switched to making a chocolate cake instead, but 3) the recipe I took off the net had eggs in it, and 4) I didn’t have eggs at home.

I mean, come on. Nothing was working out for me yesterday.

But being the persistent bitch that I am, I decided to go ahead with making the cake anyway. I was already pissed off, and I didn’t even realize when baking a cake became a matter of pride for me, resulting into this gorgeous production, which I named My Bloody Valentine.


I know the name is sort of inappropriate, since it’s not Valentine’s Day, but the cake’s actually red in colour (not sure if you could make that out from the picture), and has coffee in it (my first and only love). Hence, the name. 😉

I just went on adding stuff to the basic cake recipe, and this came out of it. The white thing with the cake is butterscotch ice-cream, and the leaves are basil from my garden. 😀

Here’s how I made this cake. I’m just going to post pictures, because you all know how to make a chocolate cake. To get My Bloody Valentine out of it, just add coffee, red food colouring and a generous helping of vanilla extract. Done!

My soldiers

My soldiers

The mixture before adding milk and butter. See the vanilla extract river?

The mixture before adding milk and butter. See the vanilla extract river?

It's not brown. It's red! ;)

It’s not brown. It’s red! 😉


Fresh out of the oven.

And now, finally, please welcome and appreciate: My Bloody Valentine. 😀

Ah, coffee and chocolate. True love. <3

Ah, coffee and chocolate. True love. ❤

It has coffee, chocolate and it’s red. I had fun making this, all in less than thirty minutes. It’s perfect for those with a broken heart, as well as those who think that simple chocolate cake is just too mainstream. And since I qualify for both the categories (I’m a broken-hearted badass. Deal with it), that would explain the title of this post. You’re more than welcome to join the club.

If you want me to give you a detailed recipe of it (although it’s the simplest dish you’ll ever make, no joke), just email me on the address given below, and I shall be happy to help! 🙂


And all I wanted was brownie. 😛

But hey, it’s not like I’m complaining. I honestly enjoyed making something that didn’t get burned or spoiled. You’ll be surprised to know how often that happens with me, food getting destroyed on my watch. 😉

Other than my culinary adventures, it’s all just plain boring. Remember the novels I’d got? Yeah, those. I’m done with two out of three, and halfway through the third one, as well. My car’s still not home from the workshop (read about what got it to the workshop in the first place here), which means that I’m pretty much confined to the house, with absolutely nothing to do. The college mayhem has died down, and now all of us are like half-dead fish in the water, just waiting for the lights to go out. I’m not kidding.

And and: my holiday got cancelled. >.<

Beat that. I mean, it was genuinely the only thing I was looking forward to this summer, and this is what happens to it. I should honestly go back to my don’t-have-any-expectations-whatsoever way of living. It works out pretty damn well.

Okay. Time for me to go.

Just remember that do what makes you happy. Explaining yourself every time, always toeing the line and always being the ‘good’ one gets really tiring after some time.

Stay awesome. Stay strong.

You know I love you. 😉


Snigdha ❤

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2 thoughts on “My Bloody Valentine: A Broken-hearted Badass Special

  1. Love it!!!! ❤
    Also, did you add milk/curd or water to the batter?

    It's a new chapter of our lives piggy, enjoy it 😉
    (I write this while II eat an eggless tuti-fruity cake. Please appreciate the pun 😛 )

    Srish. xx

    • Thanks baby. Yep, added milk to it. You could add curd too. Sour curd would be awesome for that extra softness. 😀

      I don’t appreciate the pun. Bitch. 😛
      Love ya Mulls! 🙂 ❤

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