Noah’s Ark. But Infinite.| #FWF

Okay. This is my first Free Write Friday post. I don’t know what will come out of it, if at all, but I’m too worked up to second guess anything now.

Let’s just get started. Here’s my prompt, which Kellie posted here.


Here we go:

I’d rather close the windows shut,

And latch the doors close.

I’d rather close my eyes to the world,

And never look out at anyone, ever again.

I’d rather die inside, every moment,

Then ever let anybody be my partner in pain.


Because I know I’m not enough.

Because that’s all I’ll ever be.

Because I know that nothing will change,

if you don’t save me.

I need my voice to be heard.

Listened to, and understood.

I want you to catch me when I fall,

and light the flame when it gets dark.

I need you here, right here by my side.


Because you’re like my Noah’s Ark.

But infinite.


I don’t know what brought this on. No, actually, I have a pretty damn good idea what brought this on. I’m just really mad right now, and then I saw this prompt on Kellie’s site. Write hard and clear about what hurts. I saw this, and didn’t think twice about writing this, whatever it is that I’ve written.

I can’t make sense out of it. I just know that we all feel the need to be saved.

We’re all scared, and hoping that someday, someone would just find us.

Will you find me now?


Snigdha ❤




12 thoughts on “Noah’s Ark. But Infinite.| #FWF

  1. debzywebzy says:

    This prompt has gotten some pretty honest responses out of us all! You did a great job with this. Look forward to seeing you subsequent FWF contributions!

  2. This is a great poem!! and you seem to have worked through some painful emotions…that’s the key to free write and just go. Good on you for that and sharing here. We all want someone to lean on…a great poem to make me think too, blessings, Oliana

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