Ultimate #Throwback

Hey, you guys. What’s up? 😀

Did ya miss me? It’s okay if you didn’t, because I posted like, two days ago, which means that you probably didn’t even get to missing me. So yeah. Totally cool. 😉

So, now about the grand and spectacular reason behind this post. Well, fine, if you’re under 15 and over 30, you probably won’t find either grand or spectacular, because 1) it’s a cartoon series I’m going to talk about and 2) you honestly had to watch it to understand why I’m so insanely and madly obsessed with it.

But, hey, if you share my passion, I love you. Please marry me. Or just be a very good friend of mine, because I’m kind of skittish about marrying someone. 😛

So, what is it, you ask?

Why, yes, it’s Pokémon!

Honestly, how could you anyone not like this?

It started airing in India when I was eight years old, and now, ten years later, I can still name each and every Pokémon I see. Recently, maybe a week or two ago, it started airing again, and you should totally see how I fight with everyone for complete and total control over the TV for the thirty minutes of animated nirvana which is this glorious show. 😀

Nano and Abhinav are as crazy about it as I am, and so is Ricky Dillon (my favourite YouTuber). He even did two ‘Pokémon in 60 seconds’ videos!

Want to see? Here you go. Thank me later.

I even used to draw all kinds of Pokémon in my art files back when I was a kid. I have all those pictures, but let’s save them for some other day. Let’s just say I could draw a really awesome Vulpix and Spearow. And Drowzee. 😉

This is the ultimate (and seemingly the only) Throwback I’ll ever have, because as a kid, there weren’t many things I got obsessed with. But then came Pokémon, and it literally changed my life.

Ash Ketchum is my hero. Ten years, and still going strong ❤

 I’m sure he’ll always stay my hero when I’m old with grey hair and my grandkids would be playing in my lap.

It’s a beautiful story, Pokémon.

And it’s a cartoon.

Which makes it even better.



The point of doing this post was simple: don’t let the child in you die.

We grow up, and we forget to do things that make us happy. It’s not fair, and it’s not healthy. It’s an utter violation and disrespect of the great life that you have at hand.

Don’t just waste it by playing it safe all the time. You may get rich by doing that, but you’ll never be happy.

Break free.

You’re probably the only one that’s holding you back.

I’ll see you guys later. Stay awesome, stay strong.



Snigdha ❤


7 thoughts on “Ultimate #Throwback

  1. Ha, I know absolutely nothing about Pokemon except that we once got a plastic Jigglypuff in a cereal box. It had a little spinner on its bottom that you wound up and released and watched it spin. I have no idea what happened to it, but it was fun to spin. 😀

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