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New Life4Ways post is up! It’s ‘Guy Week’, and the myths and facts are battling it out. Make sure you go on there and say hello.
See you there!
Snigdha ❤


Hey, what’s up you guys? 😀

Okay, I know I’m late. But life’s no picnic when you’re an Indian student, and out of school, but not yet in college. It’s all exams, and results, and disappointments. And then more exams.

No fun. 😐

But I’m here now, and this week is ‘Guy Week’! Honestly, I had no idea about what I would do about this post until a few minutes ago. So, you know, excuse me if this post turns out to be complete, disorganised rubbish.

You know you love me. 😉

Okay, so let’s get right into it:

Myth 1. Guys don’t cry.

Fact: They do cry. Boys, like every other living species, cry. They might not be as pretty criers as girls are (take a bow, ladies), but they do cry. They have emotions too, even if they don’t make a big deal out of it.

Now, he…

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