Guilty Pleasures. | Snigdha

New Life4Ways post is out today, and it’s ‘Book Review Week’! 😀
Talking about many of my guilty pleasures, and sharing them with you guys! Make sure you go see it, and enjoy a bit of my crazy. I’ll see you there.
Love each and every one of you awesome people.
Snigdha ❤


Hey, what’s up you guys? 😀

Guess what week is it? Well, okay, don’t guess. It’s already Friday, and if you’ve read the other posts this week, you already know it’s ‘Book Review Week’! 🙂

Honestly, you can’t even imagine how at ease I am this week. It’s like playing baseball at home ground, or performing in front of a very, very familiar crowd. So, yes, the bottom line is that I’m quite excited to share this post with y’all.

I know I could just do it the traditional way–pick a book, write a review, point out the flaws and the assets, and done!–but that’s just not my style. I’m like that annoying kid in the classroom who doesn’t necessarily agree with the things that most people are okay with. 😉

Therefore, I’ve picked out quotes/characters/situations from some of my favourite books, and now I’m going to share them with…

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