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New Life4Ways post is out! It’s Obsessions Week, so make sure you go read the post, get comfortable and follow.
Welcome to the L4W family.

See you there 🙂


Hey, you guys! What’s up? 🙂

It’s Friday again, and as promised, I’m back!

This week on Life4Ways is Obsessions Week,and also my favourite (after this post is over, you’ll know why. I promise). So, like I probably mentioned in my very first post (click here if you missed it), I’m a narcissist, which means I’m pretty much consumed with my own self all the freaking time. But other than that, there are quite a few things/people/inanimate objects that I’m obsessed with.

Are you ready for them? Sure? Let’s get started:

1. YA Books and Authors

I’m a complete lunatic (read should-be-kept-locked-in-a-padded-cell kind of a person) when it comes to Young Adult fiction. I like to read books with strong female characters, and if you can give me a great YA book to read, I’ll owe you forever. No kidding.

And since we’re discussing this, meet my three…

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