Take my hand, and guide me through.

You should know that you’re extremely lucky and blessed if you have people in your life who love you for who you are, and are always there for you no matter what. The said people don’t have to be only your closest family, oh no. It could be anyone, so long as they’re there.

We can’t expect everyone to be there for us, all at once. It’s never going to happen. So the lucky thing is that really, all we need is someone. Somebody who may or may not do the big things for us, not always, but will just be there for us when we waver, catch hold of our hand and guide us through the foggy times.

And since we’re talking about the special people in our lives, I want to take time to thank a few persons who are immaculate at handling me and my crazies better than anyone. My mom, the North star, and Sudha Aunty, my safe harbour. These two women are where my fears end. I learn something new from them every single day. My friends – Srishti, Nano (NandaBan to me), Isha, Divija, Sakshi, Abhinav, Medhavi, Avra – who rarely ask questions but are always there to provide me with all the answers I’m looking for, always at the right place at the right time. I have no idea what I would do without them.

Most of all though, they teach me that life is full of surprises.Pieces and parts were always easier to process. The full picture, the entire story, was another thing entirely. But you just never knew. Sometimes, people could surprise you. There were many who were willing to accept you with your story, and help you create your own ending.

Remember: it’s now or never. Don’t wait to tell someone you love them. Life’s way too short for regrets, and way too long and dull not to have people who love you in your life.

– Snigdha

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