V-Day and all that jazz | Snigdha

Valentine’s Day and the drama it brings.



Today, I don’t feel like saying TGIF that much.


Because it’s freaking ‘the day to make a fool of yourself’–also known as Valentine’s Day (hence, we’re celebrating ‘Love Week’ here at Life4Ways). I kid you not, all the other three girls at L4W are hard-core romantics (except Nano maybe, because she is not as crazy about the whole thing as Isha and Srish).

And me? Exactly the opposite. I feel like the black sheep this week.

But, hey, if you’re one of those who’re celebrating February 14th with somebody special, well, every happiness in the world to you. I hope whatever you have right now lasts a lifetime.

My plans for today, on the other hand, look something like this:

Honestly, I don’t get the whole ‘roses and chocolates’ kind of thing that goes around today. I mean, seriously? That’s all that love and commitment is to you? Whatever…

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