My Perfect Valentine- A Last Minute Help | Nano

I can never get enough of Nano, even though she’s my best friend (and possibly my first ever girl crush). Trust me, you’ll love her too! 🙂


Hi my sexy L4W people! *Hugs & Kisses*

The Classic: Roses & Chocolates

Its LOVE WEEK here on L4W! Probably the most awaited week but also the most difficult week for me to do personally. I do like Rom-Coms every now and then but I’m not your regular ‘DieHard’ romantic. I’m the kind who’d marry Coffee and Chocolates.

I couldn’t define love or tell you about my experience or talk about Valentine’s day and give you suggestions. So, I decided to do the next best thing, I invented something different. It’s not a game but a social experiment (as you can tell by the title).

Here’s how it works-
I asked a BOY and a GIRL the same 10 questions, all related to love, and compared their answers. Keep in mind that these two people don’t know each other. This means that you can actually tell how differently guys…

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