The Crazy Girl? Yep, that’s me! | Nano

Hey, what’s up you guys? I’m just dropping by real quick to let you all know that I started my first ever collab blog with 4 of my very, very best friends! 😀 It’s called ‘Life4Ways’, and here’s the link:

Make sure you visit us there, get settled in, hit the ‘Follow’ button, maybe leave a comment or two. We’d love to hear from you 🙂
I’m going to be posting every Friday every other week under ‘What’s This Friday?’ so if you like my main blog, you’re absolutely going to love L4W. There are three other equally crazy people who are on this with me. Consider yourself warned. 😉

My first post comes out tomorrow! Do check it out. It’ll mean a lot to me. See you there. 😉
Peace ❤


First off, a big HELLO to everyone out there. I’m Nano, a.k.a. Nanaki, your Thursday buddy. Every week I’ll be talking my heart out here and so can you all. A very warm welcome to Thursday Blog Talk and of course, welcome to the L4W family! 🙂

This week I share a few facts about myself that no one knows about. Ooooh cheeky!-

1)I dance alot, I also play guitar.

2)I am a huge foodie. I eat EVERYTHING. My favorite beverage is Coffee.

3)If I’m very very very tired someday,I tend to talk in my sleep. Also, if I wake up in the middle of my sleep and get the oppurtunity to go back to the land of Z’s, I tend to continue my dream from where I left it. This also made me realize that I’m a bit lazy! 😛

4)Sometimes I get…

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