Tag#3: The Nightingale Tag

This thing is catching, I swear. So, yeah, Nano from Scribble With Nano tagged me to do this really awesome tag, which is all about music! I have to basically give names of songs that I associate with a particular emotion/feeling. Here goes:

* Happy: Loud by R5 (my new favorites, go check them out now), Haven’t Had Enough (Marianas Trench) and Waiting For Superman (Daughtry)

* Romantic: Although I don’t really feel romantic, but there are certain songs that I really would like to listen to when I do. They are Eyes Wide Shut (JLS) and As Long As You Love Me (Tiffany Alvord’s version).

* Angry/Sad: When I’m miffed or upset, there’s one and only one thing that blasts out of my speakers–hard-core classic rock. Seriously. You can never go wrong with classic wrong, especially Burnin’ For You (Blue Oyster Cult), Fight the good fight (Journey), Carry on my wayward son (Kansas) and a couple of other songs by Asia. Gavin deGraw’s I Don’t Wanna Be is also a major stress-buster. It always makes me smile.

* Motivated: Motivation for me means Tightrope (Paul Freeman) and Beside Me (Forty Foot Echo).

* Pretty: Bah. When do I feel pretty? I’m a narcissist. I always feel pretty. 😉 But to associate a song with it, it could be The Way That You Do (Ross Lynch) and She Will Be Loved (Maroon 5).

* Calm: I’m never calm. Always hyped up about something or the other, I swear. But listening to instrumental tracks by Carter Burwell gets me pretty close (think Kiss the Rain, River flows in you).

* Ready to Party: Payphone (Maroon 5), Heard it on the Radio, A Billion Hits (Ross Lynch), Starstruck (Lady Gaga), Up All Night (One Direction) and Say It Right (Nelly Furtado).

So, yes, that’s it (for now, considering my choices change real quickly). What are your favorites?

Also, exams end on Friday, and I fully intend to sleep off the good times 😉

Catch you guys soon.





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