2013 in review

I know, I’m late (as usual), but better late then never, right? So, here goes my version of 2013, from start to finish.

* I made new friends, made up with the older ones whom I’d thought I’d lost. Also, I started my senior year at school. It was, to say the least, challenging.

* Understood the fact that you cannot control anybody’s actions, and what you can actually do is prepare for your own future, find your own way.

* Started writing another novel in June, finished it in November. Nanaki (one of my BFFs) was as usual one of the first (and by far, the only) ones to have read tit-bits of it. And according to her, it’s quite good.

* Watched the entire One Tree Hill, from season 1 to 9, and fell in love with it immediately. So did my friends. It taught us a lot, just there at the right place at the right time.

* Made some really tough decisions as far as the family front was concerned. Hopefully, it’ll all work out.

* Turned 18. Although the day was disastrous (like most important days in my life), there were parts of it I wouldn’t give away for anything. 🙂

And lastly, came to terms with the person I am, and what my dreams are. So, here’s wishing you a very, very happy new year, with lots and happiness and incredible memories. Make sure you seize every moment and make it yours. Don’t let it go away.



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