One, Two, Bam! Welcome to the Future

Sorry, I get carried away most of the time. Also, I’ve been taking a lot of painkillers and other medicines for the gash on my forehead, so there’s that as well. 😛

Anyway, back to the point. Every now and then, when I’m eating, or studying or even just sitting, it hits me that in less than three months, I’m going to be out of school and into the real big, bad world. You know, all my life, all I’ve ever wanted is to get out there and do what I love doing. Every second of the day. And although I won’t say I don’t want it now, but still it does scare me, you know? Like suddenly realizing you have no clue about something you were so darn sure of just until a minute ago.

It’s no picnic. Seriously.

But then again, it’s the only way out of whatever we’re in right now, so why not? You can either go over it, or around it. There’s no other way except these two.

Emotional wreckage aside, things have been, well, neutral. The next bunch of exams are coming up, and I’m hard at work. Novels are a complete no-no at this time, and music is my only solace. I barely get time to write a blog post (which, of course, you would know).

It’s Tyler’s birthday today. I hope he knows that he’s sorely missed, every second of every single day. May his soul rest in peace.

Got to go now, people, before I completely lose it. Miss me, okay?




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