Things I Learned From High School #3

This one’s actually going to be the best one (and the most important, too) out of all the crazy slash imperative slash educational stuff I’ve learned in the years spent in the hell called high school. So, yeah, here goes:

#3. It’s just the beginning.

It’s true–these years are only the stepping-stones to bigger and better things. Everything is going to grow from here, even though it might now seem that way. I know it’s hard to look at the brighter side of the especially grim picture at first, but then your eyes adjust to the dimness, and that’s when you know that there’s magic waiting for you on the other side.

I know, crazy right? But very, very true.

Okay, so exams ended on Monday (and I’m still recovering from the injuries), but it’s okay, I guess. The next exam begins December 27th. Life sucks, period.

See you guys later. Meanwhile, listen to these songs I love:




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