Where did the summer go? Or more importantly, where did this entire year go? One day, I was starting up the new school year in March, ready to give it my best shot, and the next thing you know, it’s already November (or close to it, anyway). Looks like we’re living is fast forward or something, time’s moving that fast.

Also, I’ve been quite, well, odd lately. Sometimes I’m happy, other times I feel like jumping off of a cliff. It’s weird, but I’m sure the gloomy grey weather has something to do with it. I don’t like winters. It’s cold and frigid, almost lifeless. Not a very pretty picture, at least not to me.

No kidding. This year, it was everything that I could have wanted in a summer. But there were also things I wish hadn’t happened. In the end, though, it was all very well worth it.

I don’t know what the winter would bring, but I’m just praying that it would be bearable if not nice. I’m not in the mood for any more drama (no, really). Things that had happened over the last year had hardened me in so many ways that I didn’t quite realize it until yesterday, when I was presented with a very simple choice between repairing and rebuilding. A year ago, I would’ve chosen to repair. This time, I chose to rebuild. Actually, my exact words were these: ‘Even if you fill up the cracks and tape the walls together, the marks of failure will still be there.’

I mean, COME ON. Who talks likes that? I feel like friggin’ Yoda or something. Jeez.

Anyway, back to nostalgia. Now that’s summer’s gone, the only thing looming large in my near future are exams. Three big ones, the third one being the biggest, the one which decides my fate. God, help me.

I don’t know how, but John Steinbeck hits the spot every single time. He’s just that good.

Okay, I have to go. Duty calls.






3 thoughts on “Nostalgia

  1. -I’m also a fan of summer! I love the heat! Nevertheless, winter is still beautiful. I love seeing pristine white snow.

    Also, SO true that things are nothing without their opposites. 😉

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