Okay, show’s over. I’m officially an adult.

I won’t lie to you. Parts of it did suck, even worse than what I’d expected. Okay, let’s start from the beginning:

At midnight, most of my friends called, but majority of them didn’t even remember it was my birthday, and they were calling to confirm the homework. *Sigh*

The following morning, I went to my sister’s school for a parent-teacher conference, and heard her teacher go on and on about how difficult it is to manage studies for a seven-year-old. By this point, I was well past my tolerance threshold. The day kind of just dragged, you know? After my friends had cancelled out on me, my father had to go all out and invite his relatives over, without my wish or consent. Like I’ve said a lot of times before, he likes to make everything about himself. It’s a habit.

Anyway, I went out to get the cake, and the car got busted because of overheating. Seriously, the day just kept getting better and better. Once home, I was ready by six in the evening, the food came by eight, and the guests? Ten o’clock at night. I cut my cake with just an hour left for the day to finish. Everyone was overjoyed, meeting after so long, having fun, all except me. I mean, October 5 is the ONE DAY that’s supposed to be all mine.

But my mom did her best to make it all okay. She got really emotional when I blew out the candles on the cake. ‘It’s so overwhelming, watching you grow into a young lady from the baby in my arms!’ she had said when the house had been cleared, and both of us were sitting at the dining table, huddled together, eating cake and her favorite butterscotch ice-cream. This part was my favorite part of the day. It only takes just one good thing to turn a horrible day around on its head, doesn’t it?

Phew. That felt good.

So, yeah, next up on my calendar are two major exams, that require undivided attention, the first one starting November 18th. God, help me.

Before I go, here’s the song that I’ve been singing these days, apart from the regular classic rock that dominates my musical side. It’s called The Other Side, by Jason Derulo.



I’ll see you guys later. Miss me.






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