Barely There

No, I’m not dead, as most of you must think by now. But I do have two new pets (one has been hijacked by my sister). She got two goldfishes as a farewell gift at some party, and has mercifully bestowed one to me. I’ve named mine Cora, and she calls hers Ruby. We picked the names from Sarah Dessen’s Lock And Key, because whatever little knowledge I have on how to take care of fishes, it is because of that book (Cora has a pond in her backyard).

Well, on to other news.

I’m turning 18 in less than two weeks. 12 days, to be very precise. It feels, I don’t know, empty. Like it’s just going to happen, and then it’ll get over. Then what? Then the moment would be gone, and everything would move on, continue as it were before. Just more of the same.

Next: Senior’s year is just flying by, not that I expected something scintillating to happen. I knew it was going to as dull and boring like the rest of them, but still. Sometimes, we never give up hope even though we are very much aware that something is never going to happen. It’s one of the perks of being human: you are blessed with innate stupidity.

I just got over with my first semester exams, and then I have two others in November and December. And then, the last nail in the coffin, the final exams in March. I know, it’s all very exciting.


I was reading through my posts from like, a year ago, and I couldn’t help but notice all the changes in me. It’s like I have become a different person altogether. Well, maybe not that different, but the changes are quite obvious.

I love the background.

I still cannot believe I’m turning 18, and I’m not excited. I’m such a jaded person.

Anyway, I read Dante’s Girl (Courtney Cole) and Keep Holding On (Susane Colasanti)Both of them are definitely worth reading. More than once. They make you want to just go out there and live your life, because you never know what tomorrow will bring. They give you hope. Kudos to  Susane Colasanti and Courtney Cole for sharing such wonderfully epic stories with the world.

Okay. Time for me to go. Duty calls.

Let’s hope I can catch you guys soon, although that does seem increasingly unlikely. But I will try. I promise.

You know I love you. And you, me.




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