Fear or Disappointment?


Yes, I know, you hate me for being so irregular, unless you’re a senior whose been caught up in the same mess as me. Considering that the chances of that happening aren’t very high, I’d like to apologize.

So I have my exams coming up, and I’m really worked up about them. It’s just that last year wasn’t that great, and besides my best efforts, I’m still scared. It’s not just the fear of failing myself again, but the disappointment that bothers me. I know, there’s nothing to worry about, and that it’ll all be okay, but let’s just say some things are easier said than done.

Calculus, for example. And don’t even get me started on Physics.

It’s actually funny, being so scared of something you don’t even like, or would gladly do away with. I think this is what is so gloriously termed as ‘the irony of life’.

It’s been awfully long since I’ve met my best friends, and Divija says she hates me because of that. Sakshi is constantly screaming at me to pick up the phone, which I cannot, because I’m always studying. I know, my best friends love me. And I love them, back. ūüėČ

I got featured on Spread Information’s Facebook’s fan page, which came as the best surprise in a long time. People actually like what I write, which is even more surprising. Talk about low self-esteem. :/

Well, okay, time to go. It’s time to take the flak, deal with the issues that have forced me to have sleepless nights, and long, tiring days (read Calculus).

Wait for me, and hope I don’t die of¬†the¬†cramming sessions that seem to be taking up most of my¬†time when I’m awake.




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