There’s Only Now

No, not about someone. It’s just me, and my muddles, fuzzy but really awesome thoughts.

So you know I’m a senior now, don’t you? And if you know that, then you must also know it’s not a piece of cake being the senior-most in school, with just a year to separate you and the big, bad world that’s waiting out there to pounce on you once you get there. The fact that I’m still alive and writing this post is enough to illustrate that I’m doing okay, I guess. Like better-than-average kind of okay. Or maybe the better-than-awesome kind of okay 😉

Ever tried that?

Okay, back to the point: it’s been like a month or so since school started, and I’ve survived a full cycle of exams, the next once starting this Monday (my life’s been amazing, I know), and to my surprise, nothing or nobody has gone off their rocker till yet. * Touch wood*

After so much drama, it gets really unnerving when everything’s just, I don’t know, normal. Not that I disapprove or anything, but it just goes to show how things and people change at the blink of an eye, without you even noticing, at least until after the damage is done.

Treasure the memories — that’s all there is to it. All that is there today, all that we say, do, feel, everything’s going to the past tomorrow, and tomorrow becomes now. To dumb it down, there’s only us, and the time we have at hand. Nothing else, nothing at all.




2 thoughts on “There’s Only Now

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