I Don’t Want To Be

Hey there! Exams finished on March 1st! 😀 And as usual, it took me two days to get all charged up and ready to go (slept all through the weekend, and resumed reading Strange Angels). But there’s a catch — result is on March 8th, which just happens to be a Friday.

Talk about unfair.

Well, we have now, don’t we? Now that’s something to be happy about. I started watching One Tree Hill on Star World, which is currently airing season one (I know, ridiculously late, like ten years late) and I have to say I really, really like it. And a major part of my liking for the show might have something to do with these two incredibly good-looking gentlemen right here:

Nathan Scott and Lucas Scott ❤

I really like the whole storyline of two estranged brothers, their abandonment issues and their rivalry. It’s not too extravagant, over-the-top happy ending kind of story, and I really appreciate that aspect. I mean, its magical in a similar-to-life kind of way.

It’s really great. You should totally watch it if you haven’t already. I just realized that a year ago, I was in love with Supernatural (which also is a story of two brothers), and now it’s One Tree Hill. Let’s hope this isn’t a tradition in the making! 😉

Also, I love the song that plays during the title credits. It’s this one right here:

See what I mean? It’s awesome. I know what you’re thinking: You’re thinking why I always like stories with unhappy people in it. Well, you know what? Because that’s how life it. It’s either bloody, or it’s sad; there’s no happy middle for anybody.

Well, I’m off to enjoy what’s left till Friday. Catch you later, yes?


Snigdha ♥



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