When You’re Gone

Seriously, who will remember you if you suddenly vanish? Who is it who’ll actually come looking for you?

Who, out of the numerous people who claim to be your ‘friends’ will actually give a toss as to whether you’re still alive or not?

I’m sure you can’t name even one.

Well, hi! Sorry about the angry beginning, but days like Valentine’s Day sort of bring out the cynical love-hater in me out front in often aggressive ways. But honestly, who do you think will actually be effected if you just up and disappear? Family, maybe. Friends, one or two. The one you love? Hell, no.

That’s a really long shot.

You see, it’s not always what we want that we get. Sometimes, even if you do, it’s hardly in the package you’d hoped it would come in. That’s life, darlings. Take it or leave it, although I’m not sure we have that much of a choice.

It’s kind of ironic, really, falling in love, getting over it, then doing it all over again. Here, I’d like to admit I’ve done it too, and take it from someone who knows, better fall of the Empire State Building than fall in love. You’ll hurt less. 😉

So, here’s to all the people who’ve not lost their minds to love, and are still in-charge of their lives! Special mentions to my best friends, Srishti and Divija. 😀

See you later, peeps.



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