Back In The Game?

Hey all! How’s it been?

Okay, I have my final exams from February 18th, which isn’t that far away if you think about it, and I have heaps to take care of. But before I get lost in my books for another month or so, I just needed a lot to get off my chest.

Don’t worry, it’s nothing bad or ugly like last time. This time around, it’s kind of optimistic, if I may say so myself. 😉

All’s been good, actually. It’s like waking up from a coma of some sort, opening eyes to the world and letting everything sink in, the good and the bad.

You know, it’s after a big, meaningless fight that I realize it wasn’t needed at all. I tend to overreact, I admit. But at that particular moment, that felt like the best thing to do. So, hey, no regrets about anything.

School opened after extended holidays, and I realized that the more I hold up stuff inside of myself, the more complicated it’s going to get. I mean, this isn’t the first time that someone’s turned out to be something completely different from what I’d imagined them to be (and no, it’s not Abhinav I’m talking about, for all those wonderful people who can’t seem to get enough of us fighting), so I can definitely handle it, right?

Sure I can. 😀

I’m actually tired of being the one who says sorry, so this time, I’m not doing it. But I don’t have any hard feelings, either. In a word: I don’t want a thing to change. Let them be the way they are, and if they should improve, they will.

I’m out of it, as far as I’m bothered.

I also learnt to accept someone’s decisions, if you know what I mean. I should respect her decisions, because I know that’s what I’d want from her when the time comes.

Okay, enough for the day. See you soon!






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