Rattle The Cage

I just keep on hoping that things will get better, some day. But you know what? They don’t. I used to think that after I got settled in the new environment in the new school, it’ll all get better.

But did it? Hell, no. And it’s not even funny anymore.

They say that everyone can have the perfect life; all you need to do is find your focus. Well, where the hell do you get the focus from?

I mean, come on, it’s not one day you’re just going to get up and there, there it will be, wrapped in glossy paper — your agenda in life, your focus.

I think whatever makes you sit up and rattle your cage real damn hard, that’s what you’re really after. That, my friends, is your focus. Just get up, and go get it.

Giving up is a really tempting idea, trust me. It’s like the solution to all your problems is right there, just a few inches out of your reach. Tell you what? The minute you think of giving up, just think about the reasons why you held on so long.

Maybe that’ll change your mind.

It’s not hilarious, the amount of  ‘you’ve got to be kidding me!’ life has thrown at me in the past few days. I mean, hey, I’m trying okay? You might as well cut me some slack. But apparently, my efforts haven’t been channelized in the right direction, if the not-so-pleasing outcomes are any indication.

I’m actually out of ideas about how to handle these problems. They just don’t end. One over the other, building like bricks over each other.

And I’ll have to admit, I need help. I need somebody. Anybody. Anything. Something.

Time to rattle the cage, eh?

Catch you later, love.




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