Two-Way Street?

Respect is a two-way street; you give some, you get some. Around here, though, it’s a different story. It happens to be a one-way street, and the signage is quite clear — ‘you have to do everything, and you dare not expect anything in return.

Which sucks, by the way, if you were curious.

I’m not mean, I swear I’m not. It’s just that when my ideas don’t click with someone, I tend to drift away from them (and never, ever look their way again) — that’s my way of dealing with people and stuff I don’t like without throwing punches. But lately, I think everyone’s trying to test my patience.

One, when I write a post, everybody thinks it’s about them. I mean, really? You really think I will write about someone who is nothing more than a friend (and apparently wants nothing to do with me) and waste my precious time and space? Sorry, but not going to happen.

It doesn’t take me more than three-four days to get over anything (a week, tops, depending upon how close I was to the person in question). I don’t crib over things that are beyond my control. If something’s not going to work out, let it be. Why waste time? Move on. 😉

Two, how many times have I told you that I don’t like people poking their pretty noses in my business? Near to  a zillion. But the snapple of the bunch? They. still. keep. doing. it. Over and over again.

Sometimes, I think it’ll be wonderful to just escape everything. Just for a few days, until I get everything back in control. The things around here are not as bad as I’m making them look, sure, but if you think about it, it’s not pretty, either. I’m tired of thinking about things and people who hardly matter anymore.

It is bad enough without Tyler, I don’t want to lose anybody else. But if the time comes, and need be, I will let go. Actually, I’m a professional at letting go. I let go of my friends, my father, Tyler — wouldn’t hurt that much to add few more names to the list.


Like I said, respect in a two-way street; if I’m not getting any from you, you sure as hell aren’t getting any from me, love.

We’re even.

I think it’s time to do what I’ve put off for way too long. What? You’ll get to know soon, once the show in underway.



P.S.- Noticed the date today? 12/12/12. Strange. 😛


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