Fire And Ice.

“Before you came into my life, I had given up on ever finding my soul mate, the one person who could set my heart on fire with just one look.There’s no me without you now. And I promise to stick by your side forever.

I love you a bit too much.”

Okay, before I go on to say anything else, those lines above? Yeah, those ones. They make me sick — like just-about-to-hurl sick.

It’s not every time that I come across a lovey-dovey couple and feel sick. I’ve become a lot more tolerant to the nonsense that people in love usually end up doing, especially since I did quite a few stunts when I thought I was in love, but this?

This is beyond my competence to tolerate. Why? Well, too long a list to explain.

First, I came across it on a social-networking site. I mean, if you are SO in love and all that jazz, then why make this big production out of it? If you’re really, truly in love, there’s no need to tell: people just know.  There’s this friend of mine who is in a relationship, and trust me, I didn’t know until a few months back that he’s dating! And the girl is very sensible, too. I like them both together, very much so.

Two, the parties involved in the bogus relation have a long history of courtship, none of which seem to have worked well for either of them. And then they throw in big words like ‘soul mate’ and ‘forever’.

Yeah, right. 😉

There’s nothing real for people like them. There’s. No. Love. Not for them.

You know, this friend of mine I was talking about — let’s call him Jason for the sake of anonymity (and since it’s my favorite name, too)  — is in the perfect relationship. Well, not really perfect, since there is no heart-warming romance going on between him and his girlfriend, and he’s got this big ego issue too, which is quite hard to get across and see the real him, but whatever it is, it works.

How? That’s a big question mark right there 🙂

Basic Rub-ons Life Quotes

Love isn’t supposed to ‘set you on fire’– it is supposed to calm your nerves, put you at peace. It’s not the flames that matter, it’s the rush of the cold wind that caresses your being that is what makes you happy.

They are two very different things, you know; what we think love is, and what it really is. Way too different.

Like fire and ice.

See you around, then.



P.S.-  I’m down with cold and fever. You know what that means? No school tomorrow! 🙂



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