Burnin’ For You

“When I look behind

On all my younger times,

I have to thank the wrongs

That led me to a love so strong.”

                                       –  John Mayer, Perfectly Lonely


Hey, I’m back again! Took a day off from school, just to spend sometime with my thoughts and to study for the Physics exam due Monday 😛 Honestly, someone should have warned the poor kids how torturous the studies get in eleventh grade. It’s hardly fair.

You know, after a super-bad day it’s always better to catch some time alone. Helps you clear your mind, see things in a new light, and in the end, it all comes down to one thing — if it hurt you so much, it was never meant to happen in the first place.

When I’m angry, there are two things I definitely do — talk to my mom about it, and listen to rock music on unbelievably high volume (and then use them as titles for my blog posts). And you know what? It works every time. I can always be sure when all else fails, these two will work the magic. 🙂

Nice, isn’t it? And very, very true. But hey, if we were all so perfect, where would be the fun in that? Celebrate your imperfections, live each day with happiness, ignore the ones who hurt you, because one day, it’ll all make sense. It always does.

What goes around, comes around.

This one reminds me of the few people who’ve always been there for me when the going got tough– my mom, Srishti, Isha, Divija, Sakshi, Avra, Ashley, Divya and Nano (her name’s Nanaki, but I call her Nano :))

And of Tyler.

No one has done that great a job of bringing out the best in me as him. Even today, I hope I’ll find an e-mail from him in my inbox, or something. Just anything.

God bless his soul, wherever he is, and the ones he’s left behind. Including me.

Okay, let me stop before things get too maudlin. I’m trying this new thing called ‘being oblivious to anything and everything that might cause me to start caring again’, because when there are so many people who are hell-bent on proving you wrong, being sensitive to their feelings doesn’t do you much good.

Ask me, I’ve tried and tested this strategy 😉

See ya later! ❤


Snigdha ♥


P.S.- It’s going to be December tomorrow! Just one month left for 2012 to end. Who’s already planning the New Year party?






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