Superb 17 ♥

They say you have only one life, and it’s all set in stone, your destiny.

I say screw’em. 😉

Hi! I’m high on life (as you can very well see, I’m sure). Okay, something I’m waiting for? — 2013. New year is the best time of the year, no matter what you say. I just love the thrill, the excitement, the promises — every bit of it. It’s like clockwork; every 365 days, people smile all around the world with no specific reason, hoping for a better future. 

Everything’s the same (only better) these days, and I’m getting desperate to get over with school with each passing day. It’s like chewing a gum for the last few minutes before throwing it away.

Turning 17 has been eventful. Very eventful. USA, new friends, new perspective of seeing things — all this very new to me, and it’s a miracle I’ve survived everything! 🙂

Well, let’s hope it just keeps getting better from here.


Also, I’ve been missing someone a lot these days. It’s going to be a complete year on December 4, but I can tell you one thing — I’m standing at the same place with the same pain as a year ago.

I miss you, Tyler.


Snigdha ♥


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