Life 2.0

Hey! How’s it going, everyone? With no emotional/depressing/downright nonsensical posts clogging my homepage, I’ll say it is going good. 🙂

So you know I’m back from the best place in the world, right? For those who don’t, I just came back from a more-than-a-fortnight-long trip from the United States of America, which, in my most unbiased opinion, was the best experience of my life. 😀 Even with all those problems we had to face, the differences, and everything that wasn’t right, I’ll still take it all back gladly. It made me realize that if there was no bad, we’d never appreciate the good. 🙂

And now that it’s time to get back to the real world, I’m all set (or so I think). But whatever it is, it feels great.

Everything that didn’t seem right earlier is all done and gone for good, which is just awesome. And I patched up with Divya again! ♥ That is undoubtedly the best thing that has come out of the whole thing, among other stuff.

Remember the person I mentioned in the last post? Yeah, that one. Not going to work out, I think, not by a long shot. He’s just way too egoistic for me to handle, since my tolerance to ego-issues is even less than zero. So you know what? It’s all good and done and over, before it even started 😉

Hey, better be safe than sorry, right?

Life’s become interesting again. And I’m loving it! *Touchwood*
It’s like everything’s gone colored from black and white, all at once. Good thing, right? You have no idea. ❤

I don’t think I can agree more. Be happy, and leave the rest to destiny, or whatever. This time is not going to come back to you 🙂





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