The United States of America’2012 ♥


Well, you guessed it — I’m back from the school trip to USA. 🙂

To say that I LOVED it, would be the understatement of the century. It feels like I’ve become a different person altogether. These days people come up to me and give me the weird are-you-sure-you’re-okay kind of look, and say, ‘You’ve changed, Snigdha.’

Yeah, tell me about it.

But you know what? I love being this new person. There was something holding me back earlier, and now it isn’t. All scores settled, all misdeeds forgotten. . . . and guess what? There’s this person in my life. That’s it — that’s all you’re getting from me about the issue at the moment. 😉

Our trip just kept on getting interesting as we went. And then there was Hurricane Sandy 😛 We were to originally return on October 29th, but all flights were cancelled and we got to spend time in US till November 1. 😀

And because there were no flights via New York or anywhere on the East Coast, we had to travel from Orlando to Los Angeles, then to Japan and then back home to India. So, all in all, we circled the entire globe in our journey! 😀

Okay, there’s millions to say, but now, I’ll leave you with some photographs of the trip. They’re in no particular order, but I’ve mentioned where it was clicked and what we were doing 😛


Just outside EWR 😀
From L-R: Rachita, Nitpreet and me.

Manhattan 🙂

At the Corning Museum of Glass with Rachita and Tanvi (my roomies)

The whole group at the Statue of Liberty


Outside a Gas Station en route to Buffalo, NY. And I’m sure you see the gigantic coffee cup in my hand 😛

At Delhi Airport, just before boarding the flight to Frankfurt 🙂
My classmates, Abhinav and Nitpreet. 😀


Ellis Island Museum


Niagara Falls

At Corning, with Abhinav and Nitpreet 🙂




Inside Corning, inspecting the beautiful glass work 🙂

Before having lunch at Pizza Hut 😀


Pizza for lunch!

By the lake behind our hotel in Buffalo, NY.


Trust me, this isn’t even a hundredth of the amount of pictures I’ve clicked, not even including the ones in my friends’ camera and mobile phones! 😀

To sum it all up, we had genuine, wonderful fun. Yeah, okay, there were ups and downs as in all of life’s good and important situations, but in the end, it doesn’t even matter.

We all faced stuff head on, did what we could, making up our own story as we went. Like our very own multi-starrer movie 😉

Be back soon to tell you more!





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