Showtime :)


I’m leaving tomorrow. In less than 24 hours. And honestly? I’m FREAKING OUT. It’s not a bad feeling, sure, but man, it’s scary.

I’m going to miss Mom and Dad and my sister a hell lot, but as they say, there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. Bright, hopeful light.

They say it takes a lot of courage to break the normal routine and try something completely different, and now, considering the position I am in, there’s one thing I can say: they were not kidding at all. 😉

I’m hoping that this little trip (which doesn’t stay so little once you take in the amount of money involved) will prove to be good, and I actually learn something useful about life and everything that comes with it. *Fingers crossed*

It’s my friend Isha’s birthday on October 18th, but since I won’t be there, she decided to pre-pone the party to tomorrow! So all of us are meeting up before I leave 😀 Actually, it’s one of the most special things anybody has done for me :’)

Well, let’s see what the USA has in store for poor old moi. Wish me luck!


Snigdha ♥

P.S.- I’ll be writing to you after 15 days or so, so don’t miss me that much! 😀



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