Life: Season 2

Hey! Guess what? Exams are over. Just got over today, and see, I’m back! 🙂 And another thing for you all to remember: It’s my 17th birthday on Friday (October 5th)! 

But yes, I’m not that geared up about as I would’ve been if life had been even a tad less crazier than what’s going on now.


It’s like the life I had lived until last year was a different phase on its own: no real problems, fretting over inconsequential stuff, and what not.

And then, like it happens every time, everything had to go and turn itself upside down. So not cool.

Now, I think, it’s the season two of my life. Bigger problems, bigger stuff to deal with, and the firsthand interaction with the real, big, bad world. Although it is scaring the living daylights out of me, I do hope, by the time all of this ends, to find something good. Like the light at the end of the tunnel.

Is change hard to accept? Hell yeah. Do I think I’ll survive this? Maybe, but definitely not alone. I need people to help me, to lift me up when I fall down, to guide me when I can’t make up my mind. And now, I’ll make sure I return the favor.

My mother does more than half the planning of my life, and then there are those wonderful people whom I can fall back on: Srishti, Avra, Ashley, Divya, Divija and Sakshi. This is not the complete list, I know, and all those who are important to me, they know. 🙂

Divya forgave me, and though she isn’t that informal with me as she used to be, it is definitely an improvement from the earlier cold-war state. I’m so grateful to her, I cannot express.

But as they say (and as it says on my Facebook cover photo): Never lose hope.


Scared, edgy and absolutely clueless, but I still have faith in all those who surround me, and how far I can go.



P.S.- How many wishes am I getting on 5th? 😉


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