Busy and Boring, With A Side of Hope.

That’s what life is these days – busy, boring and dull, with the only hope left at hand. Sounds dreary? You have no idea. 😛 But hey, not that I’m complaining or anything.

I was thinking about making amends, but now I think I’ll have to postpone that idea. Why? I’ll tell you why. One, because I have a lot on my plate now as it is (procuring the visa for my US trip, studying for the mid-semester exams, planning for my sister’s birthday next week, and other stuff), and since nothing seems to settle down sooner than ages, I’m not going to do anything that would just add to my troubles. 😉

I so dearly miss Sakshi and Divija, it is actually getting out of hand. Maybe I’ll call them today or something, check up on them. Honestly, if I ever get my hands on a time machine, I’ll definitely go back in time and set things right.

Speaking of which, I think before I end this post, there are some people who deserve an apology, and what better time and place to start than here and now? 🙂

Dear Sanjana, Divya and all others whom I’ve hurt in any way at any time of our lives,

I don’t know where to begin from, or what to say, but given that my cluelessness never really ends, I’ll say what I have nevertheless.

I want to say I am so, very sorry for everything that wasn’t right, and there’s nothing more that I want more than you.

I miss you, and as much shame as it brings me to accept this, I never got out of the shock of losing you so easily. Part of it was my fault, and part of it was yours. Here and now, I hope we can make it right again.

I won’t say let’s erase everything and move on, because doesn’t actually happen, but let’s just learn a bit from this, and grow together, not to look back.

The very reason that I’m writing this is that both of you matter, more than most.

You know where to find me.


I am sorry, regardless of whose fault it was. It was wrong, and it needs to be made right. Now.




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