Bitter-sweet memories, and crazy days

Hey! 😀 I swear on my life, blogging these days has become this really big deal for me. I practically have to squeeze out time to sit on the computer and open it. But hey, I’m here now, aren’t I? So I guess it’s working 🙂

Well, guess what? I got appointed as the Editor of my (new) school! It’s nice, yes, but I was hoping to get the Cultural Secretary post, so I’m not going to pretend that I’m over the moon or something. I’m just disappointed, and a bit happy, yeah. I’ve been ill for the past week (fever), and now that I’m finally up on my feet again, there’s this humongous workload I need to get finished ASAP. Talk about stress leading to full-blown nervous breakdown. 😛

Right now, I’m writing this post and doing Chemistry side by side, so you can take a guess how sticky a situation I really am in. But you know what? I think I’ll make do. At least try. 😀 That’s why I agree with this:


I’m not anywhere near to being finished (oh dear God, no), but it’s getting REALLY late here (well past midnight, just FYI), so I’m going to leave you with another bit of TCOA (in continuation with the last part), so enjoy! ♥

When we got home, I could hear Natalie’s voice all the way until the porch. Although she’s our neighbor, she’s found in our house more than in hers, and for this, I have only Luke to blame. He’s twenty-two, Nat is twenty-five, and both of them like each other more than required. But the problem is that none of them wants to talk about their feelings to the other one. Cindy thinks its sweet, but what is sweet in her language is translated into sickening in mine.

‘Hey, El!’ Natalie called out from the living area as soon as I walked in, a few steps behind Cindy, hoping that they wouldn’t see me. ‘How was school?’

‘Bearable.’ I said when I went to see them. Both of them were watching rerun of Make It or Break It.

‘What about the football thingy? Did you get in?’ Luke asked.

‘They don’t have a girls’ team, Lucas.’ I snapped, purposely calling him by his full name, so that he would know I’m angry. Both of us call each other ‘Elizabeth’ or ‘Lucas’ only when we’re angry, so that the other gets the hint right away. It’s a sibling thing, just between the two of us.

He picked up the hint this time, too. ‘What? But the brochure said—’

‘—never mind what the brochure said. The point is,’ I cut him off, and paused for a while just for the fun of watching him nervous, ‘that I managed to secure my place in the boys’ team, so that isn’t so bad.’

Natalie and Luke both exhaled simultaneously with relief. I had thrown a major fit over changing schools, and if somehow I hadn’t gotten a chance to play football here too, it’d been their funeral. When I want something, I want it. Everyone knows that.


You see, our Mom died when I was twelve, and Luke was seventeen, and a year after that, Dad had a major breakdown. He just dumped all the responsibilities on Luke, including our family diner and me, and went left without any explanation of any kind.

Actually, I could have empathized with him, only if he had just told us why he was going or where he was going. I mean, everyone needs a break every now and then, right? Everybody has complete right to make their own choices and leave if they want to, but they should at least explain themselves; take it from someone who knows, there’s nothing that hurts more than the realization that you’re not even worth an explanation.

That’s the worst feeling in this whole world.

So, yeah, Dad just went away, leaving nothing for Luke except a sister to raise and Eliza’s Place, our restaurant, to run. That was his idea of a parting gift. He does call every one or two months, just to check up on us, or send us a brief letter, but that’s it.

That’s all that reminds us that our father, John Turner, is alive on this planet somewhere.

I was thirteen when he left, and still not out of the shock of losing Mom, and to deal with the anger I harbored within myself I took to football and kickboxing. Maybe that’s why football is so big a deal to me, and surprisingly, I’m quite good at it. That’s how I muddle through, and Luke is aware of that detail, so he does everything in his power to help me.

For a twenty-two year old boy who is graduate student at the California State University by day and the owner of Eliza’s Place by night, Luke is the coolest brother in this whole world. He’s just the best. Natalie, I know, would agree with me here.


‘So, El,’ Natalie said as I pranced around the kitchen searching for food, ‘anybody of interest at the new school?’

For the briefest instant, I thought about telling her about Tyler. I mean, if at all, anything happens between the two of us, my family should know, right? But discarding the thought as soon as it occurred to me, I shrugged, and said, before stuffing cereal inside my mouth, ‘Nope, nobody. It’s a pretty boring place.’ It was a blatant lie, I know, but she bought it.

Before Cindy opened her mouth, that is.

‘Oh, come on, Ellie,’ she said, ‘don’t hold out on them. Why don’t you tell them about Tyler, and how he makes you swoon?’

The cereal that I had in my mouth went flying in all directions, and landed mostly on my clothes, and the rest on the kitchen counter I was sitting at. Cindy cracked up, watching cereal come out of my mouth and my nose, while Luke asked in a bewildered voice, ‘What? Ellie, who is this Tyler guy?’

I swallowed loudly even though my mouth was empty, and wiped off the cornflakes from my clothes. ‘Just a guy. He’s in my football team, that’s all.’

‘And does he make you swoon?’ he asked again, crossing his arms over his chest, trying to act like a father. Luke gets all touchy-feely when it comes to romance, especially whenever I have something to do with the matter.

‘Jeez, Lukey, what are you, mad? Of course he doesn’t make me swoon.’ I lied again, but Cindy had me by the shorthairs.

‘Does so.’ She said.

 I put my foot down, and said to her, ‘Shut up.’

‘You didn’t deny it. He totally makes you swoon.’ She pranced all around the room, before Natalie caught her by the arm and steadied her on her feet. She wasn’t baffled like my silly brother, but smiling as if she had a secret to hide.

‘This person,’ she said, ‘what’s his full name, Ellie?’

‘Tyler Carlson.’ I replied mechanically, and Cindy giggled again when I did. I shot her a warning look, making up my mind to dot her a painful one if she said another word about Tyler and me.

‘Elizabeth,’ Nat said, all enthusiastically, ‘you have such an amazing choice!’ She caught me by the arm, and dragged me all the way to the porch, from where she let go of me, climbed down the porch steps, and yelled at the top of her voice, ‘Tyler! Tyler, get out here!’

Tyler? In Natalie’s house? There was no way they could be siblings, because Nat’s complete name was Natalie Thompson, and Tyler was a Carlson, so I ruled out that possibility out immediately. But if not a brother, then what on earth was he doing at her house?

Just as I was busy trying to figure out what possibly could be going on between my prying but acceptable neighbor and the hottie at Illyria Academy, Tyler came out of the house, wearing faded blue jeans and a white T-shirt that hung around loosely. He was looking more casual than what I’d seen of him at school, and ever so handsome.

I definitely had to work up on my immunity to charm. You would think after having been walked out on by my father, I would hate love and the like, but no, thank you, I’m not a member of the Anti-Love Movement.

I like love. It’s kind of cool in its own way, if you’ll excuse the mind-numbing pain that tags along with it and takes over if your heart breaks. But anyway, it’s a nice feeling. Totally worth a try—especially if the heart breaker is as hot as Tyler Carlson is.


 It’s been so long since I’ve written the story, it makes me want to cry or do something in the vicinity of venting out.

So I guess I’ll see you soon, then? Take care, you all.




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