I like Goodreads. Even more than Facebook. It’s just a nice place to meet your favorite authors (and be sure that they will acknowledge you), find out more and more books you might be interested in, and of course, interact with book worms like yourself.

It’s a really, really nice place.

And besides, I met a lot of like-minded — and some downright stupid — people, but it’s worth it. It’s fun.

Oh, my. I think something’s wrong with me. I’m feeling very, um, light-headed. And no, I don’t drink. But hey, one good news– Supernatural (season 7) is back! Now at least I wouldn’t die of boredom.

But now, I might pass out if I don’t sleep. Good night!




2 thoughts on “Goodreads!

    • I was sort of drunk yesterday, although I don’t drink. I was just feeling happy and stupid, I guess.
      It’s nice to know I was funny! 🙂

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