Not That Bad

Hey! I told ya I was back, didn’t I? Well, here I am! 🙂 Honestly? I’ve got nothing better to do. The reading is going slow, I’m working on a new story (about a girl who plays football, can you believe? I don’t know squat about the sport, but I’m still writing. Talk about stupid), and the weekends can get especially boring.

Only I’m aware how I’m going to survive this month.

OK, here’s a good news:  Sakshi is back [for those who are new, she is one of my two BFFs], and there’s a good chance we’re going to watch Snow White and the Huntsman next week. It’s been two years since we’ve seen each other, and now it’s getting out of control. Best friends are supposed to be within reach, always. You know that? I’ve decided something–once we get our own jobs and gather enough dosh to buy our own house, I’m going to make sure Divija and Sakshi live near me. So near that accidentally if I run out of sugar or something, I can go knock at their door.

You know why I like summer so much? Because this is the time when I can be all alone, and think about the past year. The things I’ve learned, the people I met, the little things that upset me, or the ones that made me happy. It’s like taking a little stroll down memory lane, but it might not always be pleasant. But totally worth it, anyway. 😀

This time, it was a good — and much-needed — thing to do. I learned a really major lesson. Know what that is? This:

There’s a gigantic difference between ‘living’ and merely ‘surviving’. Kind of like, I don’t know, the difference between diamond and glass, I think. You get the picture.

Considering this, I would say the summer’s not that bad. Actually, it might even be good. And yes, it’s not over yet! 😉

See you later!



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