Highlights of Summer 2012

Hey! I’m back! This time a little more permanently, though, and you can be sure I’m going to be doing a lot of talking (or typing, whatever you prefer). Well, I guess the last post of mine was to swagger about my result, yes? That was at least two weeks ago.

Now, no more of that. There’s a lot that’s been going on, none of which in any way in accordance with the plans I’d made for my summer, except the books. I’ve read 9 books so far this year (including Lock and Key, the one I’m currently reading) and there’s still one left to read before school starts again. At least something is playing out like it should.

The rest, don’t even ask me. It’s like some overrated TV show out here. I thought this summer would be different, you know, in a fruitful-and-enjoyable kind of way, but it’s not. First, one of my best friends is going to visit her relatives, so she won’t be with me, and the other one is going to be back on Monday. I think we’ll go watch a movie or something once she gets back.

And you know what happened tonight? My car got busted. The radiator (I’m not sure whether that’s what it’s called, but let’s go with that anyway) cracked, and the engine is awfully hot. It’s even letting out smoke, can you believe it? It would’ve been funny, but Dad doesn’t like it when anything happens to the car. So, instead of being funny, it turned out to be annoying.

I’ve done a considerable amount of writing, too. Unfortunately, after finishing Yours, Truly, I couldn’t think of anything for the other stories that were resting on my shelf. A little here, a little there–it’s been real chaotic, if you ask me. But it’s been fun, nonetheless. 😉

Guess what? Supernatural stopped airing, leaving me with absolutely nothing to watch. The handful of shows that I do watch are Castle, The Mentalist, Pretty Little Liars and sometimes Cougar Town. Otherwise, it’s pretty boring.

I think that’s enough for complaints, although I’m not anywhere near to finished. It’s just I think the more I complain about the things that aren’t working out, I won’t be able to appreciate the ones that are. 🙂

OK, I’ll see you guys around. And soon.





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