Summer! Summer! Summer!

Yay! Summer’s here!

I can barely wait for school to close, so I can enjoy the long, lazy days and the short, hot nights. 🙂 I haven’t enjoyed summer for the past two years, because my mother would drag me somewhere or the other, never giving me a chance to stay at home. But this year, I just had to put my foot down and tell her that I want to enjoy summer in my own way, and that certainly doesn’t include strange trips to even weirder places.

So yeah, she agreed to let me do what I want (with the condition that I shouldn’t slack in my studies), which means I can now organize the ‘Summer Celebration’ I’ve always wanted to host since I don’t know when. You know, party on a terrace (too bad New Delhi doesn’t have a beach), good music, tasty food, best friends coming together. . . the whole nine 😀

I. Cannot. Wait.

Lately, summer’s all I’ve been thinking about. Starting 11th grade next week, so I don’t think we’ll be getting any home assignments, that means even more time to spend doing what I love the most: writing, reading, cooking, and of course, meeting new people, and renewing contacts with old acquaintances!

Like I said, no beach where I live. But the weather makes up for it completely. And you know what the surprise is? It’s been raining a little, too. Not a torrential downpour or anything, but light spells of rain to fill in for the ocean breeze. Wonderful.

None of have boyfriends. One of us does, but he’s going away for two years, so I think it’ll be only us girls, which to be honest, suits me fine. 😉

The summer leaves us with so many memories to keep our hearts warm until its return. You know what I think? I think summer is magical. Truly magical. All I have to see is what it has in store for us this time. Keeping my fingers crossed!



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