It’s Not Supposed To Be That Way

 I don’t like this saying here. I don’t believe in it. I mean, I know I’m not a great fanatic when it comes to love and all, but still, it’s not supposed to go that way. Love should never be lost, because once its gone, it leaves nothing in its place. No pain, no emotion. Just . . . nothing.

Which sucks, by the way. At least give me one good reason for falling in love? Do you have it? I’m sure you don’t. And probably, no one ever will.

Ah, well, something are better left unexplained, because if I try to understand why people keep on falling in love–hitting themselves in the process, no less–I might not reach a conclusion my entire life. 😀

Now this sounds right.

I think I’ll go with this one, because when you really care about someone, you never let them go. Ever. Most of my friends (who are very much besotted by someone) agree with me on this part, so you cannot blame my cynicism here. 😉

The lemon cake couldn’t make it alive out of the oven today, because I overcooked it, and instead of taking it out of the oven and cooling it, I left it inside it for another thirty minutes. So you can guess it’s condition, right? 😛 Poor cake, I still feel sorry for it.

Mom got ice-cream for us in exchange of the charred cake, so I let go of some of the guilt. She also cautioned me never to bake again when no one is at home, and especially not do it while talking over the phone with friends.

Well, she’s legit this time. You should’ve really seen the thing when I pulled it out of the oven. It smelled like. . .well, burnt plastic or something. Terrible, I know. But trust me, it doesn’t happen that often with me. Today was probably the first time I ruined something, and I’m hoping it doesn’t happen in future.

See, Friday The 13th had its effect in the end, didn’t it? 😉

Catch you all later, dearies!



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