Let It Go

“If you have good friends, no matter how much life is sucking , they can make you laugh”

You don’t have to tell me, I know that you agree. Everyone does. Had it not been for our friends, life would have been so. . .well, boring. All black and white, and no color.

So, I don’t think it would be wrong of me to say that our friends are a major part of all the happiness in our lives, right? I think so. 😀

Lately, I’ve talked to quite a few people, who happen to be having the same problem: they have had fights with their friends, and now they’re unhappy. To all those people, I have only one thing to say: Let it go, whatever is coming between you and your friend. The longer you’ll hold grudges, the more you’d have to suffer. So take my word for it, forgive, forget and be happy 🙂

No more to say now, so I’m leaving you with another excerpt from Yours, Truly. I keep on posting so many excerpts, I think I should make a separate page for it or something. At least it’ll make sure all the people who want to read it don’t get lost in the mess.

I’ll do something about it, surely. In the meanwhile, you go on and have a read! This is, as you might have guessed already, a random part of the draft, so do not try to make any connections to all those you’ve already read (trust me, I’m saving you a lot of trouble). Just enjoy the situation, ‘kay? 😉

I unlocked the door to the house, and flicked on the lights. The house looked exactly like we’d left it, the only difference being that the housekeeping staff had done their job well. Our beds were made; everything was in place and dinner waited for us on the kitchen counter.

‘I smell grilled fish.’ Jason remarked, barely inside the door. Liam didn’t wait a second before lifting the lid off the plates.

‘Grilled salmon.’ He declared, and Jason’s eyes sparkled. I wasn’t really hungry, but as exhausted as I felt, food was definitely comforting.

We didn’t bother washing ourselves before dinner, and opted to eat first and then change. At the dinner table, things seemed fairly normal. Liam was teasing Jason about me, and I felt content just being a soundless element of their conversation.

‘You know Parker, the school’s been waiting for you guys to go public. It was getting kind of frustrating.’ Liam said.

‘How was it frustrating? We didn’t even do anything.’ Jason muttered. His eyes flashed to me for the briefest second.

‘That’s the whole point here. Hastings is fairly boring for a sixteen-year-old. I’m surprised you got stuck up with this one’ Liam snickered at me, and I kicked him under the table.

Ow!’ he complained when my foot smashed into his leg beneath the wood.

‘I am not boring, you hear me?’ I threatened him, twice in two days. Only if he could be a little more civil, I could quit intimidating him every so often.

‘Sure, sure.’ He chuckled shamelessly, ‘I hear you fine, my love. Actually, my opinion about you has changed considerably, especially after yesterday. . . .’ he trailed off suggestively. Jason rolled his eyes at him.

‘You like her, don’t you?’ Jason’s voice was bitter, but he didn’t sound angry. He liked to amuse himself in any situation, inspite of how personal it might be. To that question, Liam only nodded and pretended to lose his train of thought by gazing in my eyes. I punched his arm.

‘Well, if that is the case’ Jason began, sounding grim suddenly, ‘I might just have to kill you.’ He angled his fork towards Liam, and I stopped chewing my food for a minute.

It didn’t register that he was joking until I realized that his dimple was appearing in the side of his face. As soon as he’d said the words ‘kill you’, I’d imagined it was going to be the exact Twilight kind of situation, where I might have to choose between my vampire boyfriend and werewolf best friend, hurting both, and then prove myself as a selfish skank like Bella.

So stupid. I mean Edward was good-looking and all, and all that ‘dark romance’ design was fascinating, but in real life, unrequited love plainly sucks. Big time.

‘Try that, pretty boy. I’m all up for a contest.’ Liam was laughing, but so was Jason.

I was rather disgusted, actually. I mean it was categorically flattering that two boys were fighting for me and everything, but the fact is that I’m interested in only one out of them.

‘No need for ‘a contest’, really. I’ve made up my mind already.’ I said, and stood up to gather the plates to put them in the sink. Both of them followed me everywhere I went—the kitchen, the garden and then, finally, to the bedroom.

Just looking at that welcoming mattress made me realize how tired I was. Every muscle of my body was throbbing, and don’t even get me started about the headache. I threw the towel I’d picked up—it is common manners to shower before you hit the sack—and fell on my makeshift bedstead.

I’d been kicking off my shoes when Jason appeared through the door, his hair all wet from the shower. He cannot afford to miss out on protocol, you know.

‘Off to bed, querida?’ he asked me, placing himself on his own couch-cum-bed, running a hand through his hair. I just nodded in agreement.

‘Well, sleep tight. I cannot promise any calm, but it is sure going to be fun, whatever comes next.’ He kissed my forehead lightly, and I closed my eyes, snuggling deep beneath the crisp new sheets.

The day had been way more complicated than I’d hoped it to be, especially after the simple observation of mine. Maybe going to Nina Winchester’s house was a bad idea; all that she told us didn’t ease our stress at all—just the opposite. But it was definitely a start—to what, I don’t know—but something that our parents surely weren’t going to let us know until we asked them straight questions.

Liam switched off the lights while I was still hanging around between consciousness and sleep, and the only light that shone in was of the silver moon visible from the full-length window. It was well after midnight, and even in NYC, everything around us was peacefully quiet. All except the occasional hoot of an owl, and the flutter of its wings.

Just before I fell asleep, I thought I heard something besides the owl. It sounded like Spanish, but I was confident it wasn’t Jason. His accent I could recognize anywhere. Liam knew Spanish?

Nada va a cambiar lo que siento por ti, querida.

But that, I’m sure, was just my imagination.


I’ve used a lot out of my limited knowledge of Spanish, and I hope it doesn’t sound odd or out of place. You tell me, does it? I hope not.

Well, before I take your leave, this special song is for a friend of mine, who’s just fallen in love! I’m happy for her, really [Yeah, I know, I shouldn’t be. But she’s my best friend, and for best friends, I guess disregarding what you think once in a while doesn’t hurt, either]

I hope she gets all the happiness she deserves. 🙂

This song is probably the only one in my current playlist that isn’t one out of the classic rock collection, but still plays at least three times on loop 😉 Talk about mood swings.

Catch you later, folks. Peace.



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