They Tell Me To ‘Have Faith’.

They want me to stop being so negative about things that are out of my control and have ‘faith’ in God. Like I don’t, already. I’ll tell you what–if faith was what I was in need of, I’ll be sitting in front of a church now. But am I doing that? Oh no. All I want is to feel blithe again. I don’t want to burden myself with other people’s problems, especially those nut jobs who think they are the end-all and be-all of the world.

But, you know what? I’m already going good. I think I’m almost there, to the point where people would stop expecting too much out of me, and I’ll finally have my peace of mind 🙂 High hopes, I know, but still better than being pressed down my other people’s aspirations.

I mean, who do I look like? Jesus Christ? Well, sorry to disappoint you, sweetheart, I’m not that selfless at all. In fact, even though it is strange, I still do this when I’m at a restaurant waiting for my food 😉

Cute, right? I know. That’s how I am 😉

Yeah, so back to the point: I don’t understand why people think I don’t believe in God, because at every moment possible, I’ve made is quite clear that I do. Believe in the higher power, I mean. I get it that I haven’t been on my spiritual best lately, but that doesn’t mean I’ve gone dark side or something, for the love of Christ!

I still am the same person 🙂 A bit off-track, sure, but still the same.

Well, see you around, dearies!


Snigdha 😀


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