Hate Isn’t Going To Change Anything

You can hate anyone all you want, but I don’t think it is going to change them. And before some of my very suspicious ‘friends’ begin calling and asking me whether I’m referring to them, let me make an announcement that this post isn’t for any particular person, and is merely a product of my creativity (but if you still want to satisfy your big, fat ego by thinking it is for you, knock yourselves out!)

I mean, yes, we don’t always like everyone around us, but hating someone isn’t going to harm them in any way. They probably wouldn’t even take notice of you and what you think about them. If they’re wrong, there is a faint chance they might think about the reasons why you detest them, but if they’re right–sorry, hon, not going to happen. You can go around wherever you want with that hateful attitude of yours, and it is not going to take you anywhere. 😉

In most cases I’ve seen, the cause of hatred is one’s own inability to get better. People don’t want to improve themselves, but they will definitely bring you down with themselves, all right. That’s the catch.

And again, there’s jealousy, or envy, as mentioned in the Seven Deadly Sins. It can, and will, destroy you completely if you’re not careful enough.

So, the next time you say ‘I hate that person’, make sure that the person actually gives a toss about your opinion about him or her–because, you know, cursing someone who doesn’t care isn’t the most intelligent way to use up your time. 😉

Gotta go, dearies! See you around.

Peace ❤


2 thoughts on “Hate Isn’t Going To Change Anything

  1. “In most cases I’ve seen, the cause of hatred is one’s own inability to get better.” I definitely see your point! I believe it is wrong to hate people; we must work on ourselves so that we judge people favorably and always see the good in them so that we can love them. 😉

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