Eternally Blissful

Yeah, I know, not a very creative title. I pretty much changed my blog title to provide a title for this post. Pardon me, my brain has opted for a complete shutdown these days 😉

As I’ve told you before, I’m going to take a short trip to the north-eastern parts of India next week, for which I’m really excited. It’s been a while since we’ve been out-of-town, and honestly, I was getting bored. My father just loves planning trips and excursions for the family and friends. I sometimes think that if he hadn’t been an engineer, he would have certainly been a tour guide or something. He goes ballistic with the mere mention of the word ‘travel’. 😀

Shillong reminds me of Washington, USA in many ways. Don’t believe me? Take a look for yourself!

The Road to Paradise

Beautiful, isn’t it? And that’s where I’m going to be, just four days from now. I know, you’re jealous of my life 😉

I’m going to miss blogging, of course, because I’ll be a gone for an entire week, but I guess that’s okay. All of us need a break from the routine once in a while, right?

I’ll leave you with more of ‘Lost In Forever’. For those who don’t remember this particular story, here’s where you can find the first part — Lost In Forever Part 1.

Enjoy, and let me know how it is coming out! 🙂

‘Dreaming about killing me again, Jake?’ Lisa materialized in front of me from God-knows-where, and I retreated a few steps, from where I was standing by the window, glaring at the moon. She always does that—appears when I least expect it, for instance when I’m getting ready for a shower after coming home from lacrosse practice.

‘How’d you guess?’ I grumbled, and went to sit on the bed. For a boy, I’m quite organized. I always make my bed in the morning, there’s no dirty clothes or socks or underwear lying around, and my room smells of the lavender room freshener I’m so fond of—just because Lisa’s allergic to it (evil, I know. It’s just another way of mine to annoy her)—instead of stale food and sweat.

‘Oh honey, I know you enough to know what’s going on in that empty brain of yours.’ She said, leaning against my table and crossing her arms over her chest. She smiled divinely at me, just like the first day I’d seen her.

‘Why are you here, Lisa?’ I asked her, and she smiled even wider at my stupid question. She came around only for one reason—because we were working on a case together. We were supposed to find the man who killed her. Of course, the man isn’t alive anymore, because Lisa passed away back in the 1800s, but she still wants to know why she was killed. She just remembers being ganked by an unknown face, and that’s all.

‘Did you find anything else?’ she questioned in a low voice, and I somewhat felt sorry for her. Not because I like her or anything, oh no. I felt sorry because even though she is a big pain—Lisa, I mean—she didn’t deserve to die at all. In any case, not in the way she did.

‘I’m sorry, no. I’ll try better tomorrow, don’t worry.’ I answered, and her face fell a little. But then again, it hadn’t been more than a minute when she was back in business. ‘You’re one hopeless boy, Jake Campbell.’ She jabbed a finger at my face, and all that pity that I’d been feeling towards her just a moment ago was gone.

‘Right back at you, Lisa Brinkley’ was my comeback, and she didn’t say anything in return. Lisa isn’t informed with the twenty-first century lingo, which often gives me the upper hand in arguments like this one. But she sure has annoying habit of calling me by my full name when she’s pissed at me. That is why we never reach a conclusion as to who is better out of us. I tell you, for a girl who died before the Internet came into being, she can be really maddening.

When she disappeared to wherever she goes after pissing me off—I like to think it is the cemetery, because that’s where most of the dead people are commonly found—I rested my head on the pillow and started thinking about the first day she’d paid me a visit; the night of my seventeenth birthday. I’ve seen ghosts before, around the time I turned three or something, but Lisa never showed until my seventeenth birthday, although I’ve stayed in the same house in Lawrence, Kansas even since I was born. When I asked her why she didn’t turn up earlier, she just smiled and said, ‘you wouldn’t have been able to help me if I came to you before.’ I didn’t understand what she meant by that before, but from the very day I started to help her, those words became obvious.

So I walked up to my room on January 24th, tired from having partied all day and night, hoping to catch some good hours of sleep. I went to sit on my bed to untie my shoes, and as I was loosening the shoelaces, a white fabric caught my eye—a white, flowy gown right in front of me. I looked up at the beautiful girl standing there, and the minute I had taken a look at her face, I knew she wasn’t one of my friends, because you know, I happen to make more friends who are living, which she clearly wasn’t. Living, I mean. But boy, was she pretty.

Her dark brown hair was open, and it flowed down her back in soft curls. She was fair, and her eyes were darker than her hair. The gown that she was wearing clung to her skin tightly so beautifully, that I didn’t realize that I was breathing until she pointed it out to me.

‘You can breathe, Jake, I’m not here to kill you.’ She smiled at me, clearly flattered by my expression. I chuckled when she said she wasn’t going to kill me—ghosts never came to see me because they wanted to kill me. They usually came to me when they needed me to clean up the mess they’d made before they perished, and this pretty girl too, was no exception. ‘Sure you’re not. What do you want, missy?’ I asked to her, and she made a face when I called her ‘missy’.

‘Lisa’ she said, and when I stared at her in confusion, she went on to explain, ‘I have a name. It’s Lisa Brinkley, and I’d like you to call me with my name, please.’ Her playful expression turned heated.

‘Aren’t you a grumpy ghost.’ I commented as I opened the bathroom door, that banged shut on my face with a loud noise. I knew the door didn’t slam shut because of the wind or anything, because all the windows were closed. It was all Lisa’s doing. Ghosts tend to do that kind of stuff when they’re upset or just want to mess around with you.

‘Now that’, I turned around to glare at my visitor, who was now sitting on the bed, ‘ isn’t funny.’ Lisa didn’t react at my words at all. She just kept staring at me from where she was sitting, looking self-satisfied.

‘You asked for it, Jake.’ She shrugged, and that got me even madder. I don’t like people acting smart with me, especially chick. And to top it all, dead chicks. First, they’re not supposed to be hanging around so much and second, even if they do want to stay around a little while longer, they shouldn’t come anywhere near me. Of course, that would have been the case if I weren’t a CV, because when you’re a CV, sleepless nights and unexpected visitors from the other side kind of come in the job description.

‘Okay, let’s cut to the chase already. You tell me what you want, and then you get out of here, okay?’ I said which she didn’t take very gracefully. She stood up, her hands balled into fists, and I could have sworn she was quivering with anger.

‘Oh, sugar, what I want is not that simple as you think. Actually, your behavior has convinced me that you might actually be out of your depth.’


I think I might continue this one too. I sort of like it. What do you think?

Leave some comments for me, okay? See you!

Peace ❤


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