Twitter And I Just Don’t Go Along Very Well

Hey y’all! How’s it going?

I know most of you must be caught up in something or the other, but as for me, I’m just killing time as well as I can. I hadn’t anticipated that holidays can be this monotonous. A few books I’d ordered  just came in today, and things are looking up 🙂 Let’s hope for some excitement.

Anyways, the main motive for writing this post is to tell you that I’m back of Twitter. Follow me @SnigdhaRai5929! (Scroll down till the end of the page to get the link to my profile) 

I deactivated the account. Don’t ask me why, because I guess it was sort of impulsive reaction or something like that. And this kind of stuff happens a lot with me. I create accounts, and then I deactivate them, and if they’re interesting enough, I tend to join in again. Mom thinks I’m losing it, really. 😉 I actually do have a vendetta against these social networking websites. They’re the reason people don’t meet up as often as they should. They prefer to just ‘message’ each other or whatever. Don’t really appreciate it, personally (proved by the fact that I made three accounts on Twitter last year, and none of them exist at present).

I’ve brushed up my culinary skills lately, by preparing all sorts of dishes I can get from my mom’s recipe books and all. Just another way to while away the seconds, definitely, but works fine for me.

Here’s what I just wrote while sipping coffee and watching Castle. I don’t know why I wrote this, but I somewhat like it, whatever this is. Enjoy, and leave your reactions:

I knew the voices would never let me sleep. Ever. The voices in my head, the voices that no one else could hear. I have lived through seventeen years with the ‘special talent’ of mine—and now, to end with, I think I’m on the brink of losing my mind. 

Oh no, I’m not crazy or anything. I’m just a clairvoyant by accident—a spiritual liasion between the world of the earthly and the spectral plane (you know, where the ghosts roam around?)—which is no fun job. To be honest, I wouldn’t wish a fate like this upon my worst enemy. Even if I did, it wouldn’t have the desired effect on her, because, you know, she isn’t like me. And not just because she’s a miss and I’m a boy. Lisa—the one chick I’d love to kill repeatedly—also happens to be dead. She croaked sometime around my seventeenth birthday, and she believes it is her right to trouble me when she can, because I’m the only CV (short for clairvoyant) she could find around, and because she’s taken a certain disliking to me.

So you know, right through the day—except for the hours we spend together trying to catch hold of the schmuck who killed her—all we do is conspire about how to mess with each other. I put on my headphones on while she’s talking to me, she locks the door from outside while I’m still in the bathroom—you know, the usual crap that goes on between two people who’d love to slit each other’s throats but have to stay together because neither of them have an option. Very ‘The X-files’. But I assure you, we’re so not burning for each other in a passion that needs to be denied. I’d like to burn her though, but like I said, it wouldn’t do her much good. At least, not in the way I want.


Catch you later! Don’t forget to tell me how you liked this little piece of writing. 🙂



6 thoughts on “Twitter And I Just Don’t Go Along Very Well

  1. I agree I like the story!

    And I would just like to say thank you so much in your support with Peyton! It is much appreciated. You are truly awesome.

    • Thank you Ashley! 😀

      You don’t have to thank me for supporting Peyton, it is everyone’s duty to help anyone in anyway they can. I hope we succeed in our mission. Nothing would please me more 🙂

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