Answer To The Question Anjali Asked Me

Actually, I know someone who does all sorts of oh-I’m-so-naive-and-I-don’t-know-anything drama just to gain sympathy from the opposite sex. She’s been dumped twice, and still doesn’t get the gist–what could you possibly say to someone like her?

I wrote the above line in this post of mine, which led to a lot squabble between me and Anjali, who accuses me of referring to her in these lines. This post is especially to clear out her doubts, since, if we talk on the phone, I highly doubt whether whatever I say is going to have any sort of effect whatsoever. 😉

Soon after I posted ‘Even The Devil Doesn’t Care’ yesterday, my phone started ringing urgently and sharply, while I was celebrating the arrival of Jared Padalecki’s baby boy [yeah, I know it’s got nothing to do with me, but I’m a crazy fanatic. So keep quiet ;)] Anjali called because she wanted to confirm her assumption that she is the one I’d been talking about in the post, and I quote, ‘Is this for me? Am I the girl you’ve mentioned?

I didn’t exactly ‘talk’ to her, let alone talking properly, because after an exchange of few words, I hung up on her (and didn’t bother to pick up next when she called, neither did I bother to call back).

The reasons? Well, here goes:

One, it isn’t her who I’m talking about. It is another friend of mine (from my old school), so there’s nothing really to talk about or explain.

Two, we haven’t been on the best of terms lately, hence I don’t think of it as my duty to explain anything and everything to her. Period.



If you still think it’s you whose been talked about, I cannot help it. If that is the case, then any explanation that I offer will not be enough to convince you, and that’s why I hung up yesterday. I’m hoping the news about this post will reach you by your ‘someone’, the same person who happens to be the mediator between us. You know what the funny part is? That you actually thought it was you (I’m surprised you have that low an opinion of yourself).

For what it’s worth, it isn’t. Believe it if you want to. Take a pick.

I hope I made myself comprehensible enough, for your sake.

Peace. ❤


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