Even The Devil Doesn’t Care

 Warning: This post has serious cynicism. The faint-hearted/prejudiced/people who believe everyone but themselves are advised not to read ahead.

Looking at the pansy statuses people put over social networking sites, I can do nothing but laugh my guts out. And you know what the punchline is? They’re all not older than sixteen. Sixteen year olds who claim that they will ‘die’ if their lover/crush does not reciprocate their so-called ardor.

I mean, seriously?! 😮

I don’t think that they even know what they’re writing. Majority of those love-struck idiots aren’t even aware of what is more important in life, and not chasing after someone who, evidently, doesn’t care whether they’re dead or alive. Poor, pathetic souls. Too bad they don’t have a guardian angel or something to protect them.

Well, they asked (practically begged) for it. People want to get hurt, so that even they have a sob story to tell.

Actually, I know someone who does all sorts of oh-I’m-so-naive-and-I-don’t-know-anything drama just to gain sympathy from the opposite sex. She’s been dumped twice, and still doesn’t get the gist–what could you possibly say to someone like her? 😀

Like I said, when someone is in love (allegedly), their brain goes on a holiday. Even it realizes that its services wouldn’t be needed anymore. 😉


I don’t have faith in love, but I know heaven exists. That’s where the good people go after they bite the dust, I think. I guess a shot at heaven is the reason all of us have a desire (might be a dormant one) to do some good deeds in our life. 🙂

Ah, well! Heaven can wait. Sometimes you have to drop the ‘good girl’ attire and become someone you swore you would never become, because life’s crazy like that. My play got stolen, for God’s sake! How am I even supposed to trust anyone again? And you know what the bitch of the bunch is? The people whom I helped when they needed it–were not there to return the favor when I wanted solace.

Some people never change. They just get worse with time. Just like love does–it grows into this big, gigantic monster and bites your heart out, leaving you writhing in pain.

‘Supernatural’ is about to begin, so if you’ll excuse me? 😉 I’ll see you around. 😀



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