Cross My Heart <3

I’m sure you got to see a heart in the title post after a long time, right? I know, and I agree. Oh well, now that everything’s going good, why not the posts? 😉

Like I’ve told you countless times before, I’ve been missing my old friends a lot–so much so that even though we chat almost every day, we never run out of things to say. Yes, I’m talking about Sakshi and Divija. If you are new here, and don’t know who they are, well, they’re my bestest friends, practically family. Or maybe more than that, if there is a relation closer than family.

We’ve been together since, I don’t know, probably a little over twelve years. Twelve yearsand, as you might have guessed, we know each other inside-out. From the common enemy to the favorite book, and what not. After all, that’s what best friends do for each other, right?

Now that we talk, I often get those warm fuzzies you experience while talking to an old friend, who also happens to be your safe harbor–the one who keeps you and your secrets safe. 😀

Sakshi 🙂

This picture was taken three years ago at Divija’s birthday (I’ve not seen them since then), and here’s my first love (who shares the ‘best friend’ title with Divija) — Sakshi Dixit. She’s grown out to be really, really pretty. Even more beautiful than before. If you don’t believe me, here, have a look for yourself:

I love you, girl. 😀 Which isn’t saying much, because you’ve odds-on heard this from me, I don’t know, a gazillion times?

Still, it doesn’t seem to be enough. Does it? 😉


There are only a few lamps that light my dark forest (some call it as ‘friendship’), and two of them burn the brightest. I’ve introduced one to you, and now introducing the second one:


Divija Bhatter

Isn’t she pretty? Yes? I know. I got to tell you, these girls give me a serious case of inferiority complex when they’re around. And not just because they’re pretty. They’ve got a lot more to them than what the eyes can meet.

The picture below was clicked on the same party mentioned above, and is my favorite. I’d slay to go back to that time, if I could.

I look weird (not a first for me, but still). But Divs looks pretty, as usual. We had a hell load of fun that day. It was her 13th birthday, and for the first time, I’d actually helped someone out with their birthday party planning and stuff. And since then, let me tell you, I’ve never stopped. I love planning parties for others, because — as my disastrous 16th birthday proves — I’m out of my depth when it comes on me.

Divija has been a tremendous support to me in times of need, when most people failed to measure up. She’s just. . . awesome. Needless to say, I’d do anything for her, if it makes her happy. I’ve done some pretty wacky stuff already. 😉


I can’t believe it has been so long since we’ve seen each other. It’s just heartbreaking, you know, not being able to meet up with the people who actually matter. But well, they’re both turning sixteen this year, and I fully intend to make sure that both of my darlings have THE BEST birthdays ever possible, because, in the end–they are my best friends. 😀

Love you both so much, that my heart might just momentarily explode one day while thinking about you. ❤

And here’s a song to us (even though these young women here aren’t that fond of this kind of music, but will listen to it nevertheless, because they love me). I hope you like it! Which you will, because, hey, it’s Marianas Trench.


Snigdha ❤


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