Where Scarlet Hastings Meets Avra Camelot

Hey! Well, you might have understood by now that I have nothing better to do than bother you guys with my cynicism. 😉 So, yeah, another post for you guys. Let me tell you here, that this day forward, the posts are going to be like they used to earlier–before all the crazy crap happened–which I think is going to be good. 🙂

Currently, I’m working on two stories at the same time — Yours, Truly and The Rose For The Night. Both of them are very different from each other, but there’s one thing that connects them. It is the belief that as long as you know you’re right, nothing at all can put you down.

* In Yours, Truly, Scarlet, Jason and Liam are on a quest to uncover some gory secrets that go back to the time when they were in diapers, and even though they are completely aware of the danger involved (the story has enough antagonists to excite the plot), they will stop at nothing.

* The Rose For The Night is Avra’s tale, and how she copes up with the problems in her life, with the help of Dean and Gina, her two (and the only) best friends. This one is radically different from Yours, Truly because here in, there is only one villain — Avra’s ex-husband, Malcolm (who pretty much remains in the background all through the story) — and the true challenge is that Avra must face up to her greatest fear; she has to face herself.

To be honest, both these stories depict how humans adapt to adverse situations and try to climb out of it. But to each his own–each one of us have our personal definitions of ‘hell’ and ‘heaven’, and this is what I intend to convey through these two stories.

For instance, Scarlet’s biggest fear is losing her loved ones, and for Avra, it is the prospect of facing her deranged ex-husband again. But both of these young women know–even though they are 16 and 24 respectively–that come what may, as long as they don’t give up on life, life will never let them down. 🙂

Honestly, although I know that I’ve created them, I feel inspired by them. Like they’ve taken on a life of their own, you know. It makes me really happy.

Well, time for me to go. I’ll see you guys around. Leaving you with this lovely song by Journey (with clips from Supernatural). Enjoy 😀

Peace ❤


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