Good Old Times

I miss my friends so much, its getting unbearable lately. The memories, the stupid, and sometimes out-and-out rib tickling conversations and all the moments that we couldn’t capture in photographs–it’s all coming back at me.

Well, I will meet them soon, so it isn’t so bad. As soon as exams get over, I’m going to have a gigantic celebration with two of my best-est friends. 🙂

All I’ve been doing these past few months is fight, get upset and wreck myself over seemingly undeserving people. I’ve lost a lot more for a lot less, which is so not good. But as mom says,’we acquire strength in what we overcome’.

I’ve gathered enough strength to last me a lifetime, thank you so much. Some things to be happy about-like meeting people who I really want to see-would be great. 😉

If you see me with my friends, you’ll never believe I’m the same person who is so  cynical and mistrustful of others; because when I’m with them, I get to be the one person I could never be.

Believe it or not, my friends can weave magic like that. They’re just the best. 😉

Well, last exam due on the 15th, so I’ll be back soon with a better and well thought-out post! See you!




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